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The Naval Attachés  Association
in Washington, DC


Welcomes You

"Fostering Strong Relationships" 


The Naval Attachés Association (NAA) shall be recognized by governmental and non-governmental institutions and by NAA members as a high performing, relevant and engaged association that enhances mutual understanding on international maritime security affairs and encourages relationships.


The NAA will foster strong relationships among its membership and their families, and with US Department of Defense’s sea services, and other relevant US Government and non-Government agencies through an active program of engagements. The program will be developed by the Board of Directors, endorsed during the Annual  General Meeting and it will contribute to collaborative development and shared understanding of  contemporaneous international maritime security issues.

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The Naval Attachés Association provides Members with news and useful information to help promote their professional growth.

Get a feel of the industry, learn more about the kinds of services we provide and stay updated on all our latest developments.

If you’d like more information about what we do, use the contact form below.

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